ACCORDING TO PLAN (Adult Contemporary Fiction): An architect intern from Oklahoma relocates to Seattle, hoping to meet “the One” and have a perfect love story just like his parents–a story so moving his kids and grand-kids will be him to retell it every Thanksgiving. Within 24 hours of landing, he meets three intriguing women: a bohemian Australian waitress with cornrow braids, a posh bitchy blonde receptionist, and a pink-haired EDM rave groupie. But things are more complicated than he realizes–they are actually all the same woman.

SPEAKING UP (Women’s Fiction): An introverted bank teller living on the fringes of her own life, unable to get a word in with her fast talking radio deejay boyfriend and her eccentric needy mother, meets a stand-up comedian who dares her to try open mic. Inside the art of stand-up, she discovers a whole new language and a voice that is her own–one that’s not afraid to speak up.

THE MAIDEN, THE MARE, AND THE MAGI (Middle-Grade Fantasy): There are no more kingdoms. Towns and villages exist in isolation, limited to travel only by daylight. Night is ruled by the Chirotera, winged beasts twice the size of men. A young maiden, born and raised in the communal keep known as the Haven, longs to one day sleep under the stars. When her mother goes missing, she must shed the safety of the stone walls and venture into the wild to find her.


MARIJUANA MAMAS (Comedy) — Hoping to discover her next step in life, unemployed divorcé Val Diaz convinces her all-women book club to smoke marijuana at their next meeting. The evening is going great until Val’s ex-mother-in-law crashes the party, hell-bent on proving she is to blame for all her problems. Ah well. When life gives you lemons, make organic pot brownies.