This business truly embodies my passion: digging deep with others about what matters most to them. Connecting with people right where they are. So where are you?

  • Building an idea?
  • Stuck in draft-land?
  • Staring at a completed draft unsure if it works or not?
  • Need help fine-tuning your scenes?
  • Desperate to grow your craft?
  • Unsure how to navigate your next steps?

Scroll down for more details about my current services:

  • Manuscript Evaluations
  • Remote Workshops
  • Coaching Sessions

Contact me at and let’s dig in!


Manuscript Evaluations

Whether fiction or non-fiction, every story has a sequence and rhythm that, when unlocked, resonates with readers long after the final page. Developmental editing focuses on uncovering the essential elements that make a story work–the structure, plot, scenes, characters, themes. Before you line edit for voice and power, ensure your story is complete and works for a reader.

  • Macro Story + Micro Scene Evaluation – $499
    • Full manuscript read through and analysis for global turning points and story arc, as well as structure/content feedback on each scene. Includes written feedback and 1-hour Skype session.
  • Macro Story Evaluation- $349
    • Full manuscript read through and analysis for global turning points and story arc. Includes written feedback and 1-hour Skype session.
  • Follow-Up Read Thru – $149
    • Second read thru after revisions, 1-hour Skype call to discuss
  • Story Spine Evaluation – $99
    • Review of any size synopsis/scene list for global turning points and story arc. Includes 2-hour Skype session.

Remote Workshops

No more online classes with minimal instructor interaction. These personalized workshops are inspired by the concept of deep practice, as detailed in The Talent Code: focused practice on a particular skill using the writer’s own work-in-progress, accompanied by rapid in-depth feedback, resulting in highly concentrated growth.

  • 7-Day Scene Intensive – $299
    • Overview:
      • Class runs Sunday thru Saturday
      • Scenes reviewed/feedback posted 2x a day (AM session and PM session)
      • Choose your focus:
        • Scene Structure
        • Content / Clarity
        • Depth / Subtext
        • Point-of-View
        • Polishing for Power
        • From Start To Finish – layering all of the above
    • Format:
      • Writer posts initial scene in Google Docs anytime prior to class start
      • Sunday – Day 1
        • Skype welcome call
        • Scene reviewed by me, initial feedback posted by 3pm PST
        • Writers welcome to revise/repost by 9pm PST for PM feedback session
        • PM feedback posted by 11:59pm PST
      • Monday – Friday
        • Writer posts scene prior to 9am PST for AM feedback session
        • AM feedback posted by 12pm PST
        • Writers welcome to revise/repost by 9pm for PM feedback session
        • PM feedback posted by 11:59pm PST
      • Tuesday & Thursday
        • Skype check-in calls available for scheduling as needed
      •  Saturday – Day 7
        • Writer posts final scene prior to 9am
        • Skype debrief/coaching call

Coaching Sessions

Dedicated time and attention to your project, your craft, your career, your growth. Sessions conducted via Skype and can be for any duration/frequency, as scheduling permits. Works well one-on-one as well as a critique group setting.

  • 1 Hour – $39
  • 3 Hours – $99
  • 5 Hours – $149
  • 10 Hours – $249

Areas of Focus:

  • Needs Analysis, Goal Setting, Accountability
    • Discuss dreams, articulate goals, identify barriers, create action plans, and curate resources.
  • Pre-Draft Idea Development
    • The goal is to develop the story enough to get you drafting. If you’re a planner, this might be a story arc or scene list. If you’re a pantser, this might be your main characters’ goals, motivations, and conflicts.
  • Post-Draft Story Analysis
    • Similar to Synopsis Evaluation but conducted verbally through discussion–a very powerful experience.
  • Scene Analysis & Critique
    • Review/work through specific scene(s) based on writer’s goals and needs.