My Netflix Binge Cycle

I watched a lot of Netflix this week. Like a season and a half of Once Upon A Time. (I don't even want to know what that is in hours...okay I did some estimations and it's like 26.5 hours.) It was fun. I enjoy a good ol' binge watch. It fits well with my anti-multi-tasking, … Continue reading My Netflix Binge Cycle


The Definition of Insanity

A week or so ago, I was lounging on my bed and got into a tiff with my three year old. She was laying on me, being hyper, wiggling, jabbing me with legs and elbows, and so I asked her to stop and get down. But she didn't. I repeated it in a different way. … Continue reading The Definition of Insanity

Putting It All Out There

Being vulnerable is hard. Openly sharing your creation is hard. Facing and accepting criticism is...guess what? Freaking hard. But there comes a time when, as we say in the ol' church house, you've got to let go and let God. It feels like I am entering one of these seasons. There are lots of times … Continue reading Putting It All Out There

Goals, Detours, & Redemption

I love setting goals. I love dreaming them up, listing them out, breaking them down into smaller next-best steps. I love creating elaborate spreadsheets to track my progress. I don't love actually doing the work it takes to accomplish them. One goal is to maintain a blog and develop my writing habit. Guess how well … Continue reading Goals, Detours, & Redemption